Welcome to this page that took me forever to create. I like to refer to myself as a professional anomaly, having toured with a circus, worked inside a prison, helped regulate the death care industry, and most recently, graduated from beauty college. I’ve also appeared on a couple of game shows. (Need a contestant? I’m here for the booking!)


Somewhere in the middle of those life experiences, I started a couple of blogs. My first blog was about online dating. It wasn’t pretty.


I started to write and write and write about my observations, dating experiences and actual conversations I had with some of my would-be matches. CLEARLY, none of those worked out.


…and then the ebook was published. So Many Tools in the Internet Shed. 


And so far, I have only positive reviews for a book based on my negative experiences. Not too shabby. :)

And please follow me on Twitter at @EricavonRath. I should be posting funny things there but we’ll see how that turns out.