I just started rewriting online dating profiles for friends and fans, and someone told me I should charge for that, so I am.

But it’s cheap. Really cheap.

Go to and I will try to help you.

If anything, please let me just proofread it for you! Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar go a long way. For real.

Guys, we’re picky.

And ladies, I can rewrite/proofread yours, as well.

AND, I’ll give you one rewrite of my rewrite, too.

Only $5.00!

No need to take an embarrassing seminar. I can do it for you in secret. And I’m like a stranger you’ll likely never meet, so there will be no awkwardness if your profile needs more help than others.

I’ve online dated off and on for three years. And I have a lot of friends who have, too. We. Are. Picky. And I’m bitter, so it makes me the perfect person to go over your profile!

My cats need to eat so you’re helping sustain the life of two overweight rescue cats, too.

Do it for the kitties. And for your online presence.


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