Tea and Bugs.

I’m on a “working vacation” from work that began today. By noon, I was done with all of my errands and back at home, working.  I’m reviewing the heck out of Hair AmErica at the moment. About to take a break and play with the new electronic drawing pad I got today. Excited to draw, and not really for fun. I actually have to draw because no one can do what I want them to do. I haven’t drawn anything in years. I can doodles cats pretty well, though. Came across this chapter from Hair AmErica. I swear this book is about hair: my year in beauty school. However, I did have a six-week break after Mom died before I started class again. So, I had some time and still wrote about random things…related to living at home with Dad, though. I wrote this almost three years ago today. And, I still have several childhood stories I wrote…thanks to Mom.


Not working and taking a leave from school affords me a lot of time to do…well nothing. All of my clothes on hangers are still covering the couches in the living room, there are boxes in the garage, and my room looks like a place where clothes go to die. My cats love it.

I have been taking care of some things, things too boring to even mention here. Slowly but surely.

While I was reading my kiddie stories the other day, one stuck in my head, so I’m going to share it with you whether you like it or not.  It’s about spiders.

I should preface the story with a visual of the art that accompanies it. There is a huge spider web with two spiders on it, and one of them has a huge red belly.

I remember when I was younger, I’d find black widow spiders in my grandparents’ yard and recall stories my grandpa told me about being bitten. I remember noticing how very black they were with the stark red hourglass on their stomachs.  I think being scared of what I equate to today’s Death Eaters in the Harry Potter saga was weighing heavily on my mind, as evidenced by the following tale…

“There lived a Daddy Longlegged named Dad.  He had long legs. He had a friend, the Bloodsucker.  He had a red tummy.  Dad went into the woods. He was looking for a place to build his new home.  He found the most perfect spot to build his home.  He asked Bloodsucker to help him build his home because Dad never knew how to build webs.  Bloodsucker has built many webs. Bloodsucker came over and built his web.  Bloodsucker stayed over for dinner. They had tea and some bugs. The next morning, a human came by with a stick in his hand.  He saw the web. He took the stick and wrecked the web.  Bloodsucker and Dad jumped off of the web. Bloodsucker climbed onto the human. He bit him and he died.  They made a new web. They finished dinner and lived happily ever after.  June 10, 1985″

I was eight years old. I also didn’t realize that black widows were female. And, I probably had some underlying anger at my brother for something after reading about my fantasy killing. I dunno…

I wonder why Mom never framed this one.

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